“I had my 6 month touchup yesterday and it went so smooth and fast. My eyebrows are fabulous and I am very pleased with the outcome.I highly recommend Daniela. Thanks for another great job.” — Diane J.

“I had my eyebrows done about two years ago and I received so many compliments on them, they look so real. I just received a touch up and they look great!! Her new office is warm and cozy. The procedure is practically painless. I would highly recommend Dr Daniela.” — Evalina H.

“I absolutely love my Eyeliner Dr Daniela explained everything before and after the procedure. I highly recommended her. She is the best!” — Gina W.

“I am one who REALLY does my research before deciding on any type of procedure having to do with my appearance. I found Dr. Daniela and did my due diligence understanding her credentials and reading reviews before actually calling to speak with her. After our conversation on the phone I book an appointment because she gave me the knowledge and comfort level that I needed. I was looking to have my brows done but wanted them to look VERY natural. And that is exactly what I got. My brows are amazing and give my face a more “finished” look all of the time. Dr. Daniela was professional, sweet and extremely knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her! Thank you Dr. Daniela!” — Gretchen D.

“The entire procedure as well as my follow up were virtually painless. Dr.Daniela did an amazing job making sure I was comfortable and in a calming, as well as a very clean environment. My brows! They look beautiful! I told my best friend who was also the photographer for my wedding about getting hers done. She said “Omg, that’s why your brows look so perfect! They look so natural, I have got to get mine done!” Since Dr. Daniela micro-bladed my brows, my confidence has soared. My makeup always looks great and is effortless now. Some days I don’t wear makeup and I still have brows when I wake up. I couldn’t be happier. If you look through her portfolio, it speaks for itself. If you are anywhere from Orlando to Fort Myers, it’s worth the drive. You only have one face and this is permanent makeup just like a tattoo. Don’t trust your face to anyone else. Dr Daniela is your best and only choice!” — Steph. W.

“Daniela treated me with the care and respect. Did a amazing job.” — Alexandra B.

“Daniela did an amazing job, my eyeliner is absolutely PERFECT!!! I highly recommend her if you are interested in permanent cosmetics.” — Jennifer C.

“My experience with Dr. Daniela Mains was more than i could ever imagine. I was extremely cautious due to the fact that I wanted only someone with the proper training and expertise for this procedure. I have been looking for someone off and on for over a year to do my permanent eyebrows. Let me tell you that my prayers were answered. Dr. Daniela knows her stuff and everything is sterile, clean and she talks you through the entire experience. Ladies I recommend her for any of your cosmetic needs. She is very knowledgeable. Signed One Satisfied Girl!” — Tonja F.

“I got my eyebrows microbladed by Daniela. They turned out AMAZING! Daniela is very professional, and took her time to give me the results I wanted. She was very tedious, and careful. I really appreciated how patient she was with me. The environment is really cozy and relaxing. She is definitely a sweetheart and I will be continuing to go to her. Thank you so much Daniela! SOOO glad I came to you!” — Corey K.

“My brows and eye liner turned out amazing! Dr. Daniela is very professional, and her attention to detail is outstanding! She also did ear acupuncture to calm my nerves. She is very talented and caring. Dr. Daniela comes highly recommended!” — Brenda T.

“I had my eyebrows and eyeliner done by Dr. Daniela. I absolutely love them. It looks so natural. I was very nervous first, but she did ear acupuncture to calm my nerves while I was numbing up. It worked like a charm. I love my new look, and can only recommend her.” — Dorina S.

“The brows way exceeded my expectations, I love them. I recommend Dr Daniela and her services.” — Sheri J.

“I got my eyebrows microbladed this afternoon,and I’m very pleased with my results. Daniela was very pleasant and professional and did a wonderful job. I have no complaints or worries. Thank you Daniela.” — Crystal S.

“Love my new, better eyebrows! Great experience and great followup! I am very happy with the results!” — Paula T.

“Daniela is an amazing tattoo design specialist. I highly recommend her as she is not only a professional and takes great pride in her work, but also delivers a great result. She is very patient and knows exactly how to put her clients at ease.” — Cherie G.

“I absolutely LOVE my eyebrows! Daniela was beyond amazing & professional. I was nervous to try the microblading and Daniela made the experience so easy and painless. I am so happy with the way they look and get compliments all the time! Thank you so much!!!” — Khristina H.

“It was an awesome experience, I love what Daniela did to my eyebrows and she is so compassionate towards my concerns, microbladding is highly recommend, go see Daniela, her pricing is very competitive to others…” — Sally D.

“I got my 3D eyebrows done by Daniela last week and I love it! Highly recommended :)” — Niks B.

“I got permanent eyeliner from Daniela as a Christmas present from my mom. I’m a natural girl and so I was sceptical, and feared looking too “made up.” Daniela listened, and gave me exactly what I wanted. My eyes “pop” but I don’t look like I’m off to the club. This is an indulgence that I never would have done for myself, but every morning when I look in the mirror, I am so pleased with the result. Make up is not something I spend much time thinking about, and now I don’t have to.” — Jodie W.

“Absolutely perfect exactly what I have dreamed of having and Daniela is a fabulous person. I would recommend anyone considering these procedures take a look at her work it’s fabulous!” — Bonnie B.

“The best thing that happened to me in 2016. So very happy with my eyebrows. no pain, just followed Daniela’s instructions and everything looks great. it’s been 2 1/2 months now. no one can tell they are tattoos, my husband is super impressed. which is saying ALLOT. thank you Daniela I am referring you to everyone that I can.” — Tracy B.

“Happy to report about today’s return visit today for a 2nd Procedure with the lovely Daniela. In November she magically opened my top eye lids and this afternoon she worked her magic on my lower lids. For fellow 60+ You are in excellent hands with Daniela. Gifted artist and gentle soul! Don’t hesitate!” — Angie DeM.

“My brows are amazing! So many wonderful comments!! They are so natural but striking at the same time. Thanks Daniela.” — Deborah P.

“Just went to Daniela to get my brows done. She did the hairbrush technique and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Her attention to detail was amazing and I thought the prices were very competitive. The brows turned out awesome and I would highly recommend her services.” — Linda M.

“This is a little late, but I had my eyebrows done by Daniela in March, and i love them!! She is very good at what she does!! I will definitely be using her again!” — Renee W.

“I’m one of those girls who have had to deal with the embarrassment of having over tweezed eyebrows, for many years. I’ve always entertained the idea of permanent application, however, I was fearful as it is a “tattoo” on my face. Thankfully, through online research I found Daniela. I reviewed all of the things that people had to say about both her professionalism and her talent and knew that I just had to have her help me, too. I couldn’t be more thankful and happy with the process and results. I messaged her through Facebook and received a rapid informal reply, and I was able to set up an appointment within a week. Daniela is definitely the answer to the eyebrow dilemma. She’s helpful, professional and amazing at what she does. I’m so very thankful that I found her. Thank you Daniela for helping boost my level of confidence. It’s a great feeling to wake up with full gorgeous eyebrows.” — Amie L.

“Daniela is great! She did a excellent job on my eyebrows. Can’t wait to get my eyeliner done next! I researched several places and her work was the best!” — Brenda W.

“Daniela did my eyebrows approximately 4 years ago….love it, best thing I ever did.” — Kim W.

“Daniela does an amazing job. She is so professional and courteous. What an amazing result. Worth the wait.” — Cheryl DeG.

“I found Daniela after searching Google and then following her page on Facebook. She responded immediately to my email request for an appointment and was able to book the appointment within a week. Her professionalism and the environment she has created to perform her artistry makes you feel very comfortable. I love my new look. She did an amazing job and has saved me so much time and aggravation during my make up application. Thank you so much!” — Donna D.

“FOR MEN ONLY! Being a senior male, my eyebrows became almost non-existent and what was left had nearly no color. Coloring lasted two weeks at most. Fake eyebrows would never be an option for me. I searched the Internet and emailed four professionals and chose Daniela because of her experience, expertise, location, cost. I was not disappointed. The first meeting was an introduction, she explained the process and showed me the two colors she would be using if I wanted the process. The colors were chosen for age, skin hue, existing eyebrows. I decided to have it done that day. Daniela numbed the area which took about 15 minutes to work. Then I simply closed my eyes and relaxed. She’s the pro. Did it hurt? No, but it was slightly uncomfortable. The process took about 1.5 hours. I went home and they looked good. The next day they got much darker so I phoned Daniela and she sent me photos of the healing process. It’s been two weeks now and other than a little healing itch, they look great. Several people have mentioned I look more alert, and rested. Not one person mentioned my eyebrows. That is a tribute to Daniela. If they jumped out or were so critically different, then they probably looked fake to others. My only regret is that I waited so long to have this done. Daniela is professional, compassionate, non-judgmental, and does not pressure you to have anything done. It is always the client’S choice and time line. So, men, young or old, don’t hesitate to get a consult. I think you will be as happy as I am.” — Ron G.

“My appointment with Daniela today was awesome. She was redoing some work that was not done right many years ago by someone else. I found Daniela via YouTube and started following her. I loved the pictures of her work. We come to this area of Florida for 2 months of each year. I got in touch with her asap when we got here. She was so sweet and kind about making sure I could get in to her for 2 appointments. My touch up will be in 4 weeks. I love the way I look already, so the touch up will just be the icing on the cake. She is FABULOUS‼” — Susan E.

“Daniela performed skin needling on my stretch marks and really took her time to explain what the process would be and what to expect. Thanks to her I am on my way to smoother skin with no stretch marks. I will definitely be coming back for more treatments!!! Thank you!!!” — Stephanie R.

“Dear Daniela, 6 months ago I had my eyebrows done by you. And I am really desperate to say thank you for the excellent work. I am still so happy and it looks wonderful! Great advice, phantastic work, pleasant atmosphere.” — Nicole H.

“Daniela has done my eyebrows and eyeliner make up. i am so pleased with how they came out. Couldn’t ask for a better job. Can’t wait to get my lips done.” — Cindy W.

“Daniela is very great at what she does and doesn’t make you feel dumb when you bring in photos
of the looks you like. Instead, she looks at every photo and talks to you about what you like about them. She takes her time and really wants you to like what you see. Plus, she really works with your schedule to get you in for the initial and follow-up appointments, despite the fact that she is tremendously busy herself. I love my eyebrows and the customer service I got while getting them. I will recommend Daniela to anyone and will go back to her myself.” Lindsay T.

“If you are looking to get your eyebrows permanently tattooed/removed, or any type of cosmetic makeup, I wouldn’t suggest anyone other than Daniela, She is THE BEST. Getting any type of cosmetic surgery done is scary especially if it is being done on your face. Daniela actually listens to what you want and cares about what you are looking for. She doesn’t rush you and actually takes the time out for as long as it takes until you are happy with your results. I came in with previously tattooed eyebrows that were two different shapes and sizes and were so uneven. I went through two removals along with a hair stroke eyebrow procedure and am already in love with them after day one. They are exactly what I was looking for, They look like actual hair ( I have no hair on my eyebrows at all) and they are EVEN!!! I am scheduled to go back in a month for a touch up and cant wait because I know that after, they will look even better then now. Not to mention the process of the eyebrow procedure…” — Jacqueline E.

“Daniela is a delightful, talented person. I went for eyeliner and she made it perfectly beautiful. Thanks so much Daniela!” — Lynne K.

“Daniela is very qualified, prompt, and professional. Her specials are a bargain; especially given her qualifications and the quality of her work. Studio is very convenient to downtown st. pete or 22nd Ave N exit off I-275. She did my brows today which badly needed re-done after several years without a touch-up. I called my mom after my session and told her to book with Daniela while the February special is going on.” — Christine A. (St. Petersburg, FL)

“When i walked into Daniela’s salon i had NO EYEBROWS and i haven’t for years, walking out of her office this morning knowing that i will never have to draw them on again is the most amazing feeling ever. I am in love with the way they came out, she did a fantastic job. She made the environment very relaxing and calming, and didn’t put me through more than i could handle. THANK YOU DANIELA! ♥” — Brandi N. (St. Petersburg, FL)

“Daniela is the best!!! Always wants you to be comfortable and your makeup to be perfect!!! I had my euebrows, eyeliner and lips done and love them !!!!” — Melanie K. (DeLand, FL)

“I was careful about having permanent make up applied and was so happy to find Daniela. Her technique is exquisite and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I recommend her very highly.” — Karen L. (St. Petersburg, FL)

“I love my eyebrows!! They look more defined and better than ever with less maintenance!! Daniela is very professional & her studio is immaculate-very sterile and hygienic work space which means a lot to me. She was able to work with my schedule, and very easy to talk to. Thank you, Daniela :)” — Summer S. (Tampa, FL)

“Dear Daniela, I can’t begin to tell you how absolutely FANTASTIC my eyebrows look. They not only look natural, but REAL! You do much more than permanent makeup, you truly are an artist! The technique for the strokes makes my eyebrows appear to have hair. The placement, shape, and color are nothing short of remarkable. I can’t express enough how pleased I am to have found you. You may remember when I initially came to you I had no eyebrows to speak of. I previously had permanent eyebrows done over 7 years ago. The t echnician did not take the time to accurately measure my face and features, (as you did) two things that I now know are critical in the overall placement and look of how your eyebrows will balance your face. My eyebrows were applied slightly higher than normal and I ended up having to have them re-applied 3 times as the pigment did not stay in my skin. After the third time of “re-doing” them I gave up and resigned myself to “putting on my eyebrows” every day! Not only is this a tedious job, but I’m not an artist ….. consequently it took much longer to get ready every day. I finally got fed up and started doing my research and found you! I can’t express enough what a difference not only in application and technique, but the quality of the pigment you use and the precision in which you applied it resulted in outstanding results. I honestly could not take my eyes off my rear view mirror all the way home! The real test came when my eyebrows start ing healing. I was sure that once the delicate shell of the pigment fell off I would not see the eyebrow …. WOW! was I surprised to see the exact pigment in place only much more natura/looking! All I can say is your advertisement does not do your work justice. You absolutely are without a shadow of doubt a permanent makeup ARTIST. There is a difference, and you are it! I would urge anyone who is considering having permanent makeup done to choose carefully …. Permanent means; you will either be “stuck with” or LOVING your results. I can tell you happily I am positively delighted with my new eyebrows! Please feel free to publish this. I hope that if anyone is considering permanent makeup you will take a look at the amazing results Daniela achieves.” — Carla D. (St. Petersburg, FL)

“Daniela is the sweetest makeup artist. She listens to you and lets you know what will be happening during your session. I have wanted my eyebrows Hair lined Tattooed for a long time and have always been afraid. I am so very glad to have found Daniela, my brows are beautiful. If you are wanting to have yours done go see Daniela she will put you at ease.” — Mayra V. (St. Petersburg, FL)

“She is an amazing artist. It was an incredible experience. She made me feel super comfortable and was very helpful. And I am so so happy with my results. Thank you, Daniela!” — Christina H. (St. Petersburg, FL)

“In just two appointments, Daniela helped me transform my over plucked brows to brows that make me smile when I look in the mirror. The atmosphere is wonderfully tranquil, and Daniela’s energy is patient and compassionate. Recommended!” — Lauren L. (St. Petersburg, FL)

“I am the perfect example of a girl that “overplucked her eyebrows” in the 1980’s. Over the past 20+ years, I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on all those products that have promised the “perfect brow”, the “smart brow”, the “ever-lasting” brow,…and so on and so on. In less than an hour and ½, I now have truly permanent, awesome looking eyebrows! It was an easy procedure and looks so natural! From the day I made contact with Daniela, she provided me answers to all my questions and made me feel very confident and comfortable about making the decision to try permanent makeup. Everything about her is very professional and I would highly recommend her services to anyone. I wish I would have found her years ago!” — Kathleen W. (Seminole, FL)

“Daniela did an amazing job. I love my new eyebrows.” — Doreen L. (St. Petersburg, FL)

“With some trepidation, I went to see Daniela to get permanent eyeliner. Daniela did a great job! She is very professional, and an artist, too! I have received many compliments, and it has only been one day! Thanks Daniela!” — Lisa A. (Palm Coast, FL)

“Did an awesome job on my eyeliner!!! Highly recommend her!!!” — Susan C. (Gulfport, FL)

“I can definitely highly recommend Daniela. She did a great job on my face to reduce my wrinkles. She did such a great work that I came back for permanent make up on my eyes. I came all the way from Orlando to St. Pete. After my researches in the internet I picked her out and I was glad I did. I was not disappointed. It was worth the drive, the time and the money! Thank you Daniela!” — Nadja O. (Orlando, FL)

“Daniela being one of my TCM classmates is an amazing make up artist from what I have seen in her portfolio and her apprenticeship under Doc Joe the Skin Doctor is incredible. She did the stencil for my Spherical chest tat and it was glorious once it was placed upon me. I thank her for being one of the best in the Make up and soon to be tattoo industry.” — Lynn M. (Tampa, FL)

“She does amazing work I love my new young face!” — Diana T. (Tampa, FL)

“She did a awesome job on my lips and eyes. Very gentle and made sure I was comfortable and not in any pain. She is highly recommended in my book.” — Lisa N. (Bozeman, MT)

“Had a very positive experience! Daniela spent a lot of time with me, she was very calming during the procedure. I appreciated the clean professional environment and attention to infection control. I love the results, looks very natural! I would highly recommend Daniela!” — Vicki N. (Tampa, FL)

“Daniela did a great job, and I would recommend her to any of my friends. I had micro-needling procedure done about a week ago. My face feels so smooth and rejuvenated. I am very happy to have this procedure done by Daniela! She is so gentle, professional, and caring. I felt I was in good hands.  Love the studio! 🙂   ” — Petra J. (Tampa, FL)

“I just recently had skin needling procedure done by Daniela. What a great experience!!!! I was totally new to this so I did not know what to expect. Daniela made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Her studio is so clean, neat and her professionalism is exceptional. She uses state-of-the art equipment and her approach is so gentle. She applied topical numbing cream on treated areas first.The whole procedure took about hour and half with having my face, neck, chest, couple scars and strech marks treated. It takes about 4 weeks to see results while the collagen is building. I would recommend Daniela to any of my friends.” — Z.P. (Tampa, FL)

“I recently had my first micro-needling procedure on my face, and overall I am quite happy with the experience, and the result thus far. You walk away feeling like you’ve spent a long day in the sun without sun-block. Within hours of the procedure you feel nearly “normal”. The procedure itself was about 75 minutes, including 20 minutes preparation time, and thanks to some great topical numbing creme, there was no real discomfort to speak of. Would recommend to anyone looking to get a thorough facial rejuvenation. Lines and wrinkles on the face will be significantly reduced over the next 4 weeks, as you reap the full benefit of such a procedure.” — Steve C.  (Saint Petersburg, FL)

“Absolutely wonderful Daniela is very professional and caring, she does an amazing job and I know she has a great future ahead of her.” — Janet L. (Solothurn, CH)

“When I first met Daniela, she was my dental hygienist and my personal advisor when it comes to teeth withening. After a couple of years of great teeth cleaning services I experienced a reiki treatment from her and have been a regular client of hers ever since. The minute she achieved the certificate (?!) as a permanent makeup artist, I made an appointment to have eyeliner tattooed. Daniela works very detail oriented, has a quite hand and a calming personality. Her experience as a reiki master plus the hygienic knowledge from her dental background make me feel safe and comfortable in her hands. The range of services she offers is great. I can’t wait to try the full facial needling and then get my eyebrows tattooed.” — Sylvia B.  (Tampa, FL)

“For years, I had only half of my brows. I went to see Daniela for help. She is fine artist. She took her time and made me feel very comfortable. The outcome was great. I love my new eyebrows.” — Tina S. (Tampa, FL)