Eyebrows (3D Microblading, Hairstroke, Powderbrush)


Beautiful eyebrows bring a smile to the eyes. They highlight key facial features, which impact how we perceive one another.  Permanent makeup can create a lifting effect, by raising otherwise “droopy” eyebrow arches.

When choosing the desired look of the new eyebrow(s), it is important to consider the overall shape of the face, also taking into consideration the patient’s typical facial expression when relaxed / neutral. We need to remember that we typically are NOT symmetrical in our facial features.  During the initial consultation, I go through great lengths to take proper measurements of your face, and taking your personal style and preferences into account when determining the most appropriate and appealing shape, size, style and color of your new brows.  The appearance of your brows will stay with you for a long time (years!), it’s important to take adequate time to choose wisely.

I predominantly use a hair-stroke method, and can either give you a glamorous (super-model) look or a more natural look.  Regardless of your choice, a well-crafted eyebrow is a true asset to your face.   Watch a slideshow featuring some actual Feather-Stroke Eyebrows I have created.

Watch an actual procedure