Important — Before Procedure

Here are some very important pointers to be mindful of, prior to having your procedure performed, particularly, if this is your first time having a procedure.

  • CLEAN SKIN:   Your skin should be as healthy as possible in the days leading up to your procedure.
  • MAKE-UP: Please come to your initial visit with your “normal” daily look, including hair-style and make-up. I need to get a good sense of your overall facial features, along with your preference for style and appearance to achieve optimal looks.
  • DEHYDRATION: Avoid alcohol and other dehydrating activities (including foods high in fat and/or salt) 7 days prior, and 5 days following your procedure. Stay well-hydrated!  Otherwise, the procedure may not be as effective.
  • MENSTRUATIONAvoid scheduling your procedure during or near your monthly cycle. It’s best to have at least 1 week before/after.
  • EXPOSURE Avoid unnecessary exposure of your skin to UV rays (sunshine, tanning-beds, etc.), harsh chemicals, peels, tanning-products, etc.  as these will impact your skin’s ability to absorb the treatment.
  • SUPPLEMENTS:   Do not take any fish oil capsules, Aspirin or any other type of blood-thinners for 14 days prior, and 5 days following your procedure.

You will be asked to consult with your doctor and obtain a doctor’s written approval before undergoing a permanent cosmetic procedure if you have:

  • uncontrolled high blood pressure,
  • blood clotting problems,
  • auto-immune conditions, diabetes,
  • mitral valve prolapse,
  • completed chemotherapy, or
  • are required to take antibiotics prior to a general dental cleaning.

Under no circumstances, can I perform permanent cosmetics be performed if you are pregnant, nursing or under the age of 18. Please bear in mind that I will use my professional judgment at the initial consultation to make the decision if a procedure can be performed or not. Not everyone is eligible or able to have a procedure performed on them.