Procedures Offered

Permanent Makeup and related skin-enhancement procedures can have a variety of benefits to the patient / client, aside from the “purely cosmetic” aspect.

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  • naturally, lashes are too fair / faint in color
  • correction of lash-density  (too few lashes)
  • reduction or elimination of daily “prep”-time, adding valuable time otherwise lost to applying, correcting, removing, etc. make-up.
  • eye conditions which may prevent or inhibit effective use of traditional make-up
  • active lifestyle, and activities like swimming / water-sports without the need to worry about effects on make-up
  • unsteady, shaky hands could prevent application of make-up on a daily basis
  • eliminating of smudging, smearing, running make-up products,  so-called “racoon”-eyes, etc.
  • elimination of adverse allergic reactions to certain cosmetic products and/or ingredients
  • correct or improve certain skin conditions, abnormalities or imperfections (genetic, or medical)
  • Alopecia (absence of hair)
  • Cleft lip
  • Vitilago (absence of pigment)
  • Coloring of the Areola following breast reconstruction surgery.
  • eliminates the hassles of the normal make-up application due to visual impairment, unsteady hands resulting from arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, or other degenerative diseases.

(procedure to increase collagen production in the skin, improving tone and elasticity)

  • diminish or reduce the appearance of lines and / or wrinkles (“anti-aging”)
  • non-surgical skin-tightening
  • treat scars (e.g. caused by acne, surgery, burns, mole removals, etc.)
  • improve the appearance of stretch-marks

Micro-needling works by treating not only superficial layers, but also deeper layers of the skin without damaging or removing any upper layers. The body responds to this treatment by the production of elastin and collagen fibers, as well as new capillaries (blood vessels) to improve blood circulation, which leads to a healthier plumping of the skin, and better overall appearance.  Any part of the body covered by skin can be treated, not just the face and neck.    Treatments should be no less than 4 weeks apart. (sometimes, I may recommend 6-8 weeks, depending on the case).


Persons with:  open wounds, cuts, abrasions, sores, infectious skin conditions, history of keloid, or hypertrophic scars, hemophilia, etc.  ARE NOT SUITABLE CANDIDATES for ANY procedures I perform.   I reserve the right to refuse to perform any procedure for safety or medical reasons.   If in doubt, please consult with me and your physician, before considering any procedure. (medical documentation may be necessary)