Correction Work (of others)

I frequently receive inquiries about people being unhappy with the work they had done elsewhere.  I get many phone calls and emails a week from frustrated clients who are anything but happy with their procedure, be it their eyebrows, or eyeliner, or otherwise.

Many clients tell me their stories of “buyer’s remorse”, and how they wish they would have chosen their permanent makeup artist more wisely, or carefully.   Many admit to having chosen the less-than-ideal artist for them, based on one or more of these factors:

  • Price…  the price was significantly lower than other prices seen elsewhere
  • Location…  the artist’s business was more conveniently located
  • Availability… the artist had more openings in the schedule or could squeeze in the appointment
  • Impulsivity…  it was a “spur of the moment” decision to stop by and get it done “NOW”
  • Referral…  a friend of a friend referred them to this artist

However, these upset clients never mention anything about the artist’s level of experience, number of years in business, general reputation in the community, or any other form of “due diligence”.   This is of great concern to me, as a highly trained professional.  Please let me share with you, WHY some artists are able to offer “cheap(er)” or “quicker” permanent makeup.

  1. Your face, is essentially their training pad! You are their training tool on which they are honing their skills.
  2. They don’t have lengthy experience (in terms of number of successful procedures or in terms of time actually working in this profession).
  3. Many of the newer kids on the block never took any formal training classes or formal apprenticeships.
  4. Many hope to quickly and cheaply enter this profession to jump on the bandwagon and make a quick buck  (at your expense)

Since I became a professional permanent makeup artist, I invested well over $10,000 just on various training, classes, seminars, workshops and apprenticeships.  I have invested even more on state-of-the-art European equipment which is first-class.   In addition, I have thousands of hours of hands-on experience and several hundred of successful procedures under my belt and behind me, all backed by an actual portfolio featuring my own real clients, and many happy testimonials, also by my own real clients.

That said, I do perform a lot of difficult correction work.    This work is often very frustrating.  For me the artist and for the client.   I do the best I can to provide the best level of correction possible, given the circumstances of a particular case.  Some end-results are better than others.   If you need correction work done, or are in some way unhappy with any aspect of your previous procedure, schedule a consultation with me.

In parting, please take my advice and DO NOT make the same mistakes in judgment I have mentioned here.  Your selection and decision to hire a particular artist should a sound and thought-out one. Make your decision as you would if you are making a significant investment, because you ARE.   You are investing in the one face you have!!