Disqualifying Factors

Not everyone is a fit for Permanent Makeup, or Semi-Permanent Cosmetics.  There are people whom I cannot or will not treat.  If any of the following apply to you, please understand I have the right (and in some cases an obligation) NOT to accept you as a client.

  • Skin which is “over-saturated” with old pigment due to prior procedures.   This will first require a series of removal procedures, before any new procedure can be attempted.
  • Extremely oily / greasy skin.
  • Very thin and fragile skin.
  • If you are currently within 14 days of having taken any of the following:   fish oil supplements, aspirin, blood-thinners, etc.    You will have to reschedule after a waiting period of NOT taking any of these.
  • If you are currently sun-burnt.
  • If you are currently menstruating.
  • Any YELP users / subscribers
  • there could be other factors, on a case-by-case basis, best to be discussed at an initial consultation.