Pricing / Fees

My fees are a direct reflection of my skill, expertise and experience, and are in-line with those of similarly experienced and talented artists in my profession. Permanent Makeup cosmetic procedures require substantial training, state licensing, and the safe and proper use of specialized equipment in a semi-medical setting, along with finely-tuned technique and mastery of skill, all of which come at considerable expense to me to obtain and maintain for YOUR benefit.You get what you pay for.
You only have one face.
As a licensed doctor and medical professional, I personally perform ALL procedures. 
If you want to schedule an appointment, a $50 non-refundable deposit is required to secure and schedule your future appointment. NO EXCEPTIONS!
3-D Eyebrows Manual MICRO-BLADING  

Hair-stroke Eyebrows with machine

Eye-Shadow Tattoo with upper liner (consultation needed before scheduling)*
Upper or Lower Eyeliner (consultation needed before scheduling)*$375.-
Eyeliner-Combo normal thickness (consultation needed before scheduling)*
Eyeliner – Combo extra thick with exaggerated wing (consultation needed before scheduling)*$650.-
Full Lips with Lip-Liner (BLUSH or Cosmetic Lip tattoo)$650.- Please note, not everyone is a suitable candidate. 
*Eyeliner may need up to 3 appointments (included in price)

Within 4 weeks of INITIAL procedure
(only for eyebrows)
Touch up fee / Color boost:
$250.-  after 1 year
$350.- after 2 years
$450.-  after 3 years

$350 for lips
$375 for eyeliner combo
$250 for either upper or lower eyeliner
 * Free, only following initial procedure.
  MEDICAL GRADE MICRONEEDLING RF with MORPHEUS 8 performed by licensed Physician. Radiofrequency energy is emitted through microneedles to penetrate at a deeper level. Microneedling RF produces greater results than traditional microneedling. ONLY 3 treatments are needed to get desired results! ( annual treatments are recommended)Primary benefits: tightens the skin, induces collagen and elastin production, minimizes pore size, acne & other scars, & reduces the signs of aging like fine lines & wrinkles.3  initial treatments needed, followed by maintenance treatments every 12 to 18 months.
Full Face, Neck and Chest$1200.- (~120 min. per treatment, incl. collagen mask and european-made high quality collagen- inducing serum and stemcell serum)
Full Face and Neck$800.-  (incl. all of the above)
Full Face $500.- (incl. all of the above)
Package of 3 treatments for Full Face, Neck and Chest$3000 ( $600 savings!!!!) 
* Combined Package offer applies only when all 3 sessions are booked and paid for at the initial visit.
MEDICAL GRADE MESOTHERAPY with HYDRA FACIAL and Oxygen Infusion, MEI ZEN Facial Acupuncture and Homeopathic Collagen Producing Serums! Expertly Performed using State-of-the-Art German Device with the best herbal formulas for proven maximum and optimal results. This treatment will leave your skin glowing, bright and youthful. This procedure is painless and non-invasive. In my practice, I use special herbal solutions to exfoliate and infuse the skin to promote new skin cell growth and increased collagen and elastin production. Hydra Facial reduces or eliminates fine facial lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging; it improves the appearance of acne scars and other light scarring and it gives skin of all colors and types, a fresh, healthy-looking glow. Virtually no side effects.
Full Face treatment$299.- 
Full Face Hydrafacial with Collagen mask only!!!$199.-

Please feel free to inquire about special promotions and discounts.
All fees are due and fully payable on the day of the procedure.
($50 non-refundable deposit for appointment-scheduling required)
If, following a consultation, you choose not to book an appointment,
there will be a $25 fee to cover the time-investment.

Credit / Debit cards, Cash or Money Orders or PAYPAL only.